Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we do! Please see this link for more info.

What to do if you forgot your login password when logging in with email.

Click on "Log In" in the top banner > click "Log In" under the sign up button > select login with email > select "Forgot password" > enter the email you used for your account. You will receive an email to reset your password.

How do I change my address?

Log In to your account > go to "My Addresses" > select "Edit" If you have already made a purchase and forgot to change your addresss, call us immediatly with your order number and we will try to assist you if possible.

How to unsubscribe from the newsletter and blog.

At the bottom of the email there is a link to "Unsubscribe" To unsubscribe from the blog or to change notification setting you need to log in to your account then go to "Settings" > "Blog Subscription"

Do you charge sales tax?

On orders sent to California we are required to collect sales tax.

What are your return and shipping terms?

Please click here for further information regarding our shipping fees and policies.

Are all of your products vegan?

Yes! All of our products are cruelty-free, vegan, and responsibly sourced. OneYou and our suppliers don’t test on animals or ask 3rd parties to test for us. Animal by-products such as honey or shark liver will not be found in our skincare lines. The palm oil and Shea butter we use are sustainably sourced with respect to human and wildlife rights. The OneYou brand inhabits harmony with Earth and its life.

Are all of your products made in the United States?

As an American company, we believe it is important to help support our fellow citizens. Our products are manufactured and produced in the United States. We only outsource resources when they are not available domestically. We purchase our packaging and shipping supplies from U.S. suppliers that may have had it manufactured in a different country.

Are you cruetly-free or organic certified?

We are currently in our start-up phase and do intend to certifiy products as soon as we can afford the costs that come with certifications. We can assure you that we have taken careful measures to work with our supplies and manufactures to ensure we are truely cruelty-free and use organic ingredients. We appreciate your patience.

Why does it state on packaging the company is Ritual Balance LLC?

OneYou is a brand owned and distributed byRitual headquartered in Burbank, California that was formerly Ritual Balance LLC. As we reprint packaging the company name will be updated.